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Maryland Cracker Barrel Magazine
Celebrating 50 Years
Reflections: The Hagerstown Cracker Barrel Makes its Debut in 1971
By Suanne Woodring
Reminisce with us as we look back on the memories of a few of Washington County's residents. Excerpts featured here are from the current Summer 2021 issue.
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Maryland Cracker Barrel Magazine: Sentinel of Washington County's Heritage
"Fifty years ago The Hagerstown Cracker Barrel magazine made its appearance. The first issue, dated June 1971, contained a cover story on Myron Bloom's country store at St. James, consisted of 28 pages and was distributed free to several thousand local people and businesses. Organizers of the magazine were Calvin C. Bausman, Donald A. Jack, Franca A. Lewis, Howard E. Mendelsohn, and Iris S. Reeder. Twenty monthly issues were published by the original team. In the spring of 1973, the Cracker Barrel was bought by two Washington, DC broadcast newsmen, Don Doak and Robert Borngesser, who formed a new corporation called Maryland Cracker Barrel, Inc. During the transition, free circulation of the magazine was ended. The March 1973 newsstand price was 35 cents and readers were invited to buy annual subscriptions. With Robert Borngesser as editor (Doak left after a few months, being transferred by NBC to New York), the magazine built a substantial list of subscribers and a varied editorial content. In December 1975, after putting out 34 monthly issues, Borngesser sold the publishing firm to Mrs. Beatrice A. Lawrence and Mr. and Mrs. A. Vernon Davis. Vernon Davis served as editor and publisher from 1976 until 1990...."
Pausing to Ponder: Stories from the Cracker Barrel 1970s Archives

To celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the Maryland Cracker Barrel magazine, we have reprinted numerous 1970s stories about the people and places of the Hagerstown area, including: 

*Myron Bloom's Country Store.... Catalogue of the Past
*From Dream to Reality (About Parade Floats in Hagerstown's Mummer's Parade)
*The Old Troy Laundry
*Yesterday's Man of Peace (The Story of Policeman "Biggy" Peltz)
*An Automobile Pioneer in Old Hagerstown
*Down Memory Lane: Tidbits From the Area’s Past
*Recorder of History: Clyde Roberts
*The Floods of 1924
*Washington County & Hagerstown Valley
*Allegheny Commuter Carried 14,000 Passengers in April
*Elmer Hoover Recalls Delivering Telegrams For 1 Cent During 1930s
*Potomac Playmakers Turn 50 in 1976
*Hagerstown Soapbox Derby Started In 1938
*Fair Buildings Called New In 1891
*Manbeck Bread Company 50 Years Old in 1977
*Place Where Plane Making Started, Still Standing in 1977
*Yes, There Is a Mrs. Queen (The Story of a Famous Caller to WJEJ's Phone Party)
*John Kennedy’s Day in May in Washington County
*City Park One Of Washington County’s Gems

Original Authors' Names Included in Print Version

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