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Maryland Cracker Barrel Magazine
Celebrating 50 Years
Reflections: Cracker Barrel Magazine Looks Back at Its Second Decade
By Suanne Woodring
Reminisce with us as we look back on the memories of a few of Washington County's residents. Excerpts featured here are from the current Fall 2021 issue.
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Maryland Cracker Barrel Magazine: Sentinel of Washington County's Heritage
"This issue of the magazine continues a walk down memory lane with stories and photos that were carried in the 1980s issues. During the decade of the 1980s some changes occurred with the magazine. In 1980 it became the Cracker Barrel, a Unique Regional Magazine. February 1985 brought another cover change. Finally, in 1987 the cover design was changed to the format that is still being used today. Vernon Davis was still at the helm as editor and publisher. Advertisers came and went and the magazine continued to be a part of the community...."
Pausing to Ponder: Stories from the Cracker Barrel 1980s Archives

To continue our celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of the Maryland Cracker Barrel magazine, we have reprinted numerous 1980s stories about the people and places of the Hagerstown area, including: 

*Building Streets Here 55 Years Ago
*Funkstown Fire Company 50 Years Old in 1980
*Morris Frock Drum Corps Made History
*25 Are Killed
*Mule-Bike Race of 1949 Recalled
*We Salute Dr. Ditto
*E. Russell Hicks Died In 1966
*Irish-born Businessman Made His Mark On Local Scene
*Reddy Kilowatt Not Forgotten
*We Enjoy Local Caverns’ Scenery
*Quarter Midget Mania Started In Hagerstown 26 Years Ago
*Spanish War Memorial Cannon Made in France In 1751
*President Washington Spent An Evening in Hagerstown
*Story of Mason Dixon Line 
*Rohrer Provides Coal For Area Residents
*Williamsport Always Important as Potomac River Crossing
*Sharpsburg Woman Born on Battlefield on Day of Battle
*Fate of C&O Canal Decided in 1954

Original Authors' Names Included in Print Version

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Courtesy Frances Rohrer Davis
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